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  Draw a Craft Brewer Recipe Card to begin a journey into the essence of beer. Unearth Roasted Malts for your deep chocolate Porter, or barter for aromatic Amarillo Hops to complete your IPA. Level up to complete your Master Brewer Recipe, and win!


  Each round of CRAFT BEER THE BOARD GAME provides unique gameplay. Event Cards like “Drought” dry up resources and will force players to find alternate means of production, while “Nitro Boost” will give your hard working beer truckers a free ride home.

  Rolling the die not only determines your movement, but which resources will be available that turn. Scarcity breeds competition, and CRAFT BEER THE BOARD GAME is designed to rope everyone in for a friendly homebrewing contest!


  In each of two rounds, players block and outmaneuver each other to collect resources for a Craft Brewer Recipe. These recipes celebrate the distinctive craft beers of the American craft beer landscape. First to finish their Master Brewer Recipe wins!